Rocking good night

The good news is the sun did show mercy on me. It rained quite a bit and then it stopped about half an hour before MTV World Stage kicked start. So yay, no overcooked cheeks!

The bad news is I got a small cut on my nose. There was this water bottle, flying about 20kmph from nowhere and hit right in between my eyes. Yes, indeed my winner strike was ong! Malaysians are not overly ambitious with crowd surfing or stage diving, and so I survived through the occasionally foot stepping and body slamming.

Our local boys Estranged kicked off the show with their rather loud yet unmemorable performances. It is never easy to be the opening act when the pressure is on you to keep the crowd going- it’s hard when there were so many distractions going on with brief drizzle and people thronging in and out the surf pool area, and it’s even harder when people are so ignorant with our local music scene.

The real momentum begun when American rock band Boys likes Girls took off the stage. The boys strutted on stage with their latest hits like Love Drunk, Thunder and of course The Great Escape which caused an outburst of screaming from female fans.

British indie rockers- Raygun took me by surprised by their melodramatic soul rock. They performed 4- song set: Just Because, See you later, Waiting in Line and In the City. And all were so entertaining and fresh to watch. They got my feet dancing, head banging and hair swinging! Andrew, Calvin and Riz surely can testify that. If you like The Clash, for sure you will love Raygun :) They definitely saved me from the oh-so-predictable rock star performances!

Brit Pixie Lott came up next, who drew much cheer from the crowd when she sung Boys and Girls, Mama Do (Uh Oh, Uh Oh) from her huge debut single. At the age of just 18, she looked so precious and sweet on stage but her outfit was little damply looking for World Stage.

Following her was Hoobastank. By then, the crowd was pretty much warmed up. The band was embraced by huge roars and delightful cheers. They showed an energetic performance of My Turn, Crawling in the dark, and a ballad single Too Late. Who would have guess Hoobastank will do an impromptu Ghostbusters theme? It was plain witty! And there was the mass sing-along hit, The Reason.

Rocking like a true blue Oklahoma rock stars, All American Rejects definitely know how to have fun. Their front man, Tyson Ritter showed us what is like to in a hot and dazzling night with his glittering covered body. The Rejects had the crowd pumping high with their hits When the Wind Blows, Dirty Little Secrets, I Wanna, and the very much anticipated Swing Swing and Give You Hell. Mr Ritter the drama king climbed up one of those scaffoldings, making it so much enjoyable to watch live!

The closing act of the night was by Kasabian, an English alternative rock band with a twist of electro influenced. They sure are in a class of their own- magnificent and splendid! And I thought they will be in their long hairs and shabby clothes, but not...they were prim and proper, classy and confidence! Kasabian’s awesome set sure did rock my socks out!!

With 6 hours of solid good rocking performances, indeed it was one hell of a great night! I could still feel the vibe vibrating underneath my feet! Besides sweating out every single fluid of my body (nice and sticky!), partially deaf and sore muscles, I’m pretty much a fine person. Still in one piece!

p/s: I adore fisheye, and these beautiful shots are from JeremyC, using a 52mm super fisheye lens.


Beverly said...

Ah MTV world stage was AWESOME! =D

cyan_loh said...

oh yea babe!! Eh will i be seeing u this fri on han's farewell? Currently having hols right? :))