All shinny and glittery

That was the theme for Sunday school’s Christmas Party.

 I spent half of my Saturday afternoon over at church, helping around and taking charge of party games.  It was not exactly an easy task though, you know kids these days are so smart and loud. Surely demand of my intellectuality and creativity, hah! But I was glad that the kids were cheering, I was laughing and everything in between went well, with the help of my sis. Some of the kids were dressed in their best, with their shimmering and shinny attire. Jamie who is in her pre-school age, donned in a puffy sleeves, red Minnie Mouse dress with white polka dots, and a headband with Minnie Mouse’s ear popping up. Oh so adorable! It makes me want to be a kid again, with balloons, party bags and glorious food!

Well being a grown-up is not too bad either, we too can play with colours and be all dressed up! In just two days, I will be attending my first uni prom! I have never been much a prom person myself, and so far I had only attended two proms- one was in my sweet sixteen and the other one when I was studying in an American school. One thing about prom is that it costs money, it can cost less, quite a bit or a lot, but still it costs money. So this time around and with festive season coming along, I learn to be more money-savvy, trying to spend as less as possible. And lucky me, I have already gotten my dress. Specifically, I “recycle” my dress- a little black dress that can never go out of fashion, which is faithfully hanging at the back of my wardrobe and above all, no one has seen me in that dress before (at least not the uni mates). See, just the perfect dress for the occasion! I think it’s very important for all girls to own at least one black dress, it is a safe colour yet evergreen, and you can always pepper it up with bold and bright accessories!   

The tricky part, for me at least, is always the make-up and hairdo. This one, I admit, I need to splurge a little more. This time, I am adventurous with the colours and ambitious with the hair. I want to go for a dark and gothic makeup, complimenting with an edgy and androgynous hairdo. Given I have a short, short hair now, I am contemplating either a wet look or perhaps Kiera Knightley short hair look! Hmm...I shall see how then.

Meanwhile, the Christmas carols are making my heart all warm and fuzzy as I was typing this :) I hope you all have a jolly week ahead! 


Mechell said...

kiera knightley look! i think you'll look so good in that :D

cyan_loh said...

Hahaa, Im still experimenting with it. Or maybe I should let the expert do the job. You're going to the prom too, aren't you? Can't wait to see you there!:D

˚ẅŷ łyń˚ said...

little black dress! I'm always attracted to black dresses.

hehe, cannot wait for pics already. I'm sure you'll look all pretty and cheery that night. Enjoy prom! :)