Tiny bits of luxury

I really enjoyed my last weekend.

The weather was pleasantly warm. A perfect day to put up a hammock and take a afternoon nap.  It was one of the rare weekends where I did nothing at all, absolute nothing!  I must say it was a much needed rest after been away to camp for a week.

I slept in, ate breakfast with my pajamas on, read the papers from front to back and simply oblivious to the passage of time. I really do missed the little pleasures in life. Like how much I like staring at the early morning sky, looking out for fluffy clouds, the feeling of grass between my toes, dancing under the rain, going for grocery shopping, watching my all time favourite cartoon, the smell of freshly baked muffins... Simple things like these are commonly overlooked, but surely are my daily sources of happiness and joy. 

Even the simplest thing like this

...make my day!

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