Sampat-ness??!! You must be wondering what’s the meaning behind it eh?? Don’t get me wrong, it’s NOT a cursing word!! Sampat is neither an English word nor a Bahasa Melayu. I guess it’s a Hokkien word. Err, I know nothing much about hokkien except for boh, see, erm see even though I’m hokkien lang (yeah, it’s pathetic right?)

Sampat means wacky, gaga, silly, and all sort of crazy things. My sis commented me as the most sampat person she ever came across. Oh, really?? Haha, then she better check out the people in my school, they are a bunch of MOST sampat people I ever met. Yes, I mean I always fool around, sing a loud and laugh like mad woman, and crack stupid and lame jokes at home. But they are way crazier then me!!! Do you get the picture? like a bunch orang utans and chimpanzees in zoo Negara!! But hey, we have our fun!

But the ironic thing is, my sis is also a sampat person herself. I guess she got influenced by me, her beloved baby sis *wee* Aha, how about we form a club or something entitled “the sampat sis”. Okay, not funny!!!

So this is how I got the idea from….yes, who else but my sis!!! (Is obvious right??) Well, “Get In Line With Sampat-ness” is an idea from both of us. Yay, we sis rocks!! So people, love it or hate it, get in line with sampat-ness with me!! *wink*

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