Life Reminder

August marks the 2nd anniversary of Ian passing.  Recently, I stumbled upon my eulogy assignment which was written a year ago. Last week my CEO mentioned about how life is a living adventure. And just a minute ago, I was browsing through my blog achieves. If I would have to string all these pieces together, those are my life reminder – small oversights that we need from time to time.  

It reminded me that how life can be both so frail and powerful; that life is make up of opportunities and mistakes; that growing up is not about becoming disinterested and fatigued;  that there is no perfect timing- if not now, then when? ; to take pride and joy with the heroism of the ordinary; also to step back and marvel at the magnificence of the mundane.

This time, I would want to ponder a little more, to look around who I have and what I have with me, to finish my unfinished business and making meaning in life.  

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