Peeling an old layer of skin

It’s been a while since I have written anything really personal on here.  Many things have taken place and been roosting at the forefront of my mind since I last wrote. 

I have somehow accidentally or intentionally detach myself from blogging. Words seem to have lost me, or rather I have the lost the words. Taken a step back to read through all my blog archives, I have come to realize more and more the need to put things in words, in sentences, is inherent to how I organize my thoughts and feelings. It’s not even just about expressing myself anymore. This might sounds funny and I thought I’m too old for this stuff – but I’m just beginning re-discovering myself.  

2012 had been a bit blur but was great and amazing one, most notably with my graduation, my departure from an undergraduate to a working adult and my excitement of entering into the world of working.  And in between, there are deaths and rebirths.

But I’m looking forward 2013, because I know that there are many big things in the horizon for me.  I don’t specifically know what or how or even why, but I know I must get out there. The whole 2013 feels like one big leap for me.  And I want to do it right. I have always been about adventure in life, and I hope the same for you too. Life is more fun, that way. Sure, it can be tough, it can be a lot of work. But the feelings of joy one gets from it is very much like falling in love, I think. Instead of falling in love with someone else, you fall in love with yourself, and things that matter to you.   

So here’s to 2013, may it be filled with adventures and getting out there- whatever that may be for you :)

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